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About Ava-Care Tourism

Prioritizing Good Health!

Ava-Care is bringing open access to leading experts and hospitals providing medical and cosmetic surgery in Turkey. In recent years, Turkey has witnessed a steady growth in its health sector and counts as one of the few countries where health care is affordable. Ava-Care provides patients with an opportunity to search for the best medical facility, doctors and treatment options in Turkey ranging from IVF treatments, child birth, reconstructive surgeries, bone repair surgeries, hair transplants, butt and breast implants, among many others. 

We believe that every patient is an empowered consumer; when they think of traveling for a medical treatment in Turkey, we give them all the information they need to make an informed decision.

About: About

From the beginning, Ava-Care has been driven by the interests and involvement of our incredible and engaged community members. We are a growing Medical Community focused on providing a source of accurate and reliable answers to questions in a variety of topics.

To get a sense of who we really are, take a look at the categories we cover. Post a question, answer, or engage with your fellow community members. Want to learn more about how we operate? Get in touch today.

Our service packages provide the client every desired satisfaction not only with treatment but also the over all experience as Turkey has a lot to offer.. Our clients have the chance to visit the city and enjoy the touristic experience before or after taking their treatment. 

Besides the medical treatment plan, we assist in flight reservations, also provide shuttle, airport pick up and drop off, the most comfortable accommodations, translation services and tour guide. 

For every treatment category we have listed, we have a partner hospital that specializes in that treatment. Take a look at the available treatments and also our services to get a better sense of what we do. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.


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