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Child Birth

Maternity care in Turkey is becoming more and more advanced. In 2010, new programmes were initiated to improve maternity care. These included: the Prenatal and Neonatal Mortality Prevention Programme, Iodine Deficiency Disorders and Salt Iodization Programme, Prevention of Vitamin D Insufficiency in Infants and Bone Health Protection Project, Hemoglobinopathy Control Programme, and Mother and Child Death Prevention Project.

Many hospitals and obstetricians in Turkey, mainly those that are private, recommend a Caesarean birth over a natural one. Therefore, we will take the time in finding the right doctor and hospital for you and your needs. Caesarean births are more expensive than natural ones, so we leave the final decision to the client on which type of birth they will prefer. 


Natural birth prices range from about US$200 to US$2000, and Caesarean births cost from about US$500 to US$3500, depending on your particular doctor, hospital, and insurance coverage. This cost will typically cover a one-night stay for a natural birth, or a two-night stay for a Caesarean. 

We will help you choose the right obstetrician and hospital for your needs and preferred delivery method. There are many public and private hospitals to choose from. There are three different types of hospitals in Turkey: state-funded hospitals, university hospitals, and private hospitals. The final decision will depend greatly on your intended budget limit.

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