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Facial Aesthetic Surgery


Face lift procedures refer to various aesthetic operations applied to prevent sagging that occurs with age. It is the whole of the procedures applied by people who feel the effects of aging on their face. Facelift and resurfacing applications are also known as facelift.

Plastic surgery operations applied to the faces with skin sagging due to weakening of the muscles are called facelift surgery. The cutting of the excess skin on the face and the lifting of the collapsed tissues are performed with face lift operations.

Face lift operations, which are needed as the facial features lose their proper position, increase the quality of life of people and allow them to feel more positive.


Rhinoplasty is a surgical intervention that aims to change the structure of the nose and bring it into a healthier and more aesthetic form. This intervention to the bones and cartilage tissue in the nose is effective in increasing the quality of life of the person. The nose, located in the midline of the face, is the most important organ that catches the eye at first glance. Even a small change in the nose is instantly noticeable. For this reason, it is preferred by people who have a deformity in their nose or a related health problem. People who are uncomfortable with the appearance of the nose, even if they do not have health problems, turn to plastic surgery.
Rhinoplasty, which is a plastic surgery method, is not just a cosmetic procedure. When deemed necessary, it should also be applied for health reasons. It is an operation that should be applied for the removal of congenital or trauma-induced deformities. This application, which is the solution to many problems, results perfectly in the hands of Promed Clinic experts.


Eyelid aesthetics, also known as blepharoplasty, is the process of surgically removing the sagging tissue and muscle structure around the eyes and giving shape to this part of the face. Eyelid aesthetics has an important place in the elimination of problems such as sagging on the skin, wrinkles, under-eye bags. The problems experienced may occur with age or develop due to some environmental factors.
Generally, blepharoplasty is applied to elderly people who have sagging and wrinkles around the eyes. It is the method used for complaints such as crow's feet at the corners of the eyes, lines on the lower and upper eyelids, color changes under the eyes, bags and tired facial expressions.


Prominent ear surgery, also called otoplasty, is a surgical procedure performed to treat the unwanted appearance of the ear shape. Since an aesthetic procedure is applied only to the outer part of the ear with otoplasty, no intervention is made regarding the hearing sense, and the inner ear is not affected by the operation in any way. Ear aesthetics can be applied when the ear structure, which has been developing since infancy, reaches an undesirable appearance. Generally, the operation is decided in the preschool period, around the age of 5-6. It is necessary to perform the operation before children start school, so that their social lives are not affected and therefore they do not experience loss of self-confidence.


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