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Butt & Hip Surgery


Buttock aesthetics are operations that are used to provide people with flat and shapeless hips contoured lines. Women enjoy it because it gives them a prominent butt appearance.
Different treatment methods are used in buttock aesthetics, which can be used for excesses and deficiencies in the hip area, depending on the type of region and the necessity. For a natural and broader appearance, buttock prosthetics with an exceptionally flat buttock appearance are employed. If there is a minor bend that needs to be increased, fat can be injected into the specified spots on the hip to achieve the desired look. For sagging, excess, and low hips, liposuction, buttlift, and hip stretching surgeries may be preferred.


Leg stretching aesthetics is an operation that surgically removes excess skin and fat tissue in order to recover sagging in the inner-outer thigh and hip regions. It can be performed simultaneously with the body lift (lipectomy) operation to improve the general body contours.
The negativities experienced by people may be such that they cannot be resolved by performing leg stretching exercises. This makes leg aesthetics necessary. The operation, performed by experienced specialists, improves the quality of life and allows for more comfortable mobility.


Cellulite, in simple terms, is an aesthetic skin problem that indicates the dimpled and protruding structure of the skin. In fact, this structure, which is noticed from the skin surface, is related to the growth of fat cells in the lower layers of the skin.
The fat cells surrounding the connective tissues, which resemble taut ropes, grow to compress other layers of the skin. Thus, an indented image is formed on the skin surface. This image is called cellulite.
There may be cases when we neglect our body in the winter months. Our body is prone to excessive food consumption in winter, our movements are more restricted than in summer months. In such a case, we can prepare the ground for the formation of cellulite by consuming excessively fatty and sugary foods.

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