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IVF & Fertility Treatment

In vitro fertilization is a method of providing a pregnancy that does not occur naturally with tests and supportive treatments in a laboratory environment. It covers all of the studies carried out to address the source of the problem after IVF applications, tests and analyzes.
Embryo formation is ensured by fertilization of healthy egg cells taken from the woman and quality sperm cells taken from the man in the laboratory. The obtained embryo is placed in the ovaries of the woman and pregnancy is realized.
Various drugs are used for further development of eggs in IVF method. The most important issue at this stage is to use personalized doses and types of drugs. Excess drug use may impair the quality of the uterine lining and the egg and worsen the results. For this reason, the specialist doctor is expected to make determinations in line with scientific data.
It is a supportive treatment method applied to people who want to have a child, in case of not being able to reproduce naturally. According to the laws and regulations in Turkey, it can be applied to people who have a legal union.

A series of tests and analyzes are performed on the couples, and their egg and sperm production, age, and whether there is a pathological condition that may prevent the embryo from settling in the uterus are checked. As a result of all tests and analyzes, appropriate treatment can be started with the approval of the doctor.
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