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Liposuction & Tummy Tuck


The liposuction method is a fat removal operation used in plastic surgery. In the liposuction process, the body is reshaped by removing the excess fat tissue under the skin. It is a procedure that targets excessive lubrication concentrated in certain areas.
The removal of fat deposits accumulated in the body becomes possible with the liposuction method. This procedure, which has no effect on weight loss, is used to remove stubborn subcutaneous fat that cannot be dissolved with sports or diet. It is the most applied procedure among aesthetic operations. It is aimed to put an end to aesthetic concerns by intervening in the regional excesses of people.
In liposuction, the adipose tissue under the skin is vacuumed with the help of a canular and removed from the body. Liposuction is also a method that can be applied in combination with other aesthetic surgery applications.


Abdominoplasty is the surgery to remove the excess fat tissue in the middle and lower abdomen and to recover the saggy skin. This procedure can be performed as full abdominoplasty and partial (mini) tummy tuck surgery. The method is decided according to the degree of sagging and the surgery is performed.

Partial tummy tuck is usually applied in mild sagging. In partial abdominoplasty, all excess skin and skin tissue are removed as in full abdominoplasty, but unlike the umbilical region, no stretching is applied.
With this method, which does not treat obesity, sagging in the abdomen is recovered under general anesthesia, excess skin and fat tissues are removed and the skin is stretched. Thus, the body shape reaches a more ideal form and positive effects are observed in the psychology of the people.

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